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Landscape Water Features | Paragon Pools Design and Construction

Nothing says more about your style & way of life than a beautiful Landscape with Water Features. Not only will this...

Pool Construction  | Paragon Pools Design and Construction

A beautiful pool and landscape can be inspiration to living well, and add a refreshing element of style to a home or business...

Pool Contractor | Paragon Pools Design and Construction

Paragon Pools Design and Construction has built a collection of pools and landscapes in Louisiana, each illustrating...

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Webster defines “paragon” as anything that is so excellent and so close to perfection that it is a model to be followed. At Paragon Pools Design and Construction, we are constantly striving for perfection, and as such, we have earned a reputation in Alexandria, LA for excellence in our quality of design, service, knowledge, and economy.

Paragon Pools Design and Construction has been serving our neighbors in the Alexandria area with an accent on excellence. We know that a pool is a major investment, so we always approach each project with a determination to build the pool, waterfall, fountain, stream, or fish pond to the client’s complete satisfaction.

We have enjoyed a growing list of those satisfied customers, and over the years, we have garnered good relationships that have brought our friends back with new landscape and architectural projects. No project is too large or too small for our team of experts to handle with a combination of design science, artistry, elbow grease, and attention to details.

Our versatility has helped make Paragon Pools Design and Construction the leader in the area’s pool construction industry. And, as with any paragon, our competition is following. We offer an amazing array of services to the Alexandria region, including:

• Pool Construction
• Landscape Design and Construction
• Irrigation Systems
• Landscape Lighting
• Outdoor Fireplaces
• Bath Houses
• Drainage Systems and Retaining Walls
• Fencing
• Walks and Driveways

We specialize in decks and gazebos, outdoor cooking areas, patios and walkways, plant installation, and centipede and St. Augustine sod. We can make your property the talk of the town or a lovely hideaway. Whatever your dreams are, Paragon Pools Design and Construction is here to make them a reality.

The company is fully licensed and insured by the state of Louisiana and has been since 1985. We only build pools in Louisiana and Mississippi, but we have built hundreds for homeowners, businesses and churches. So, we have a variety of existing examples that we are only too happy to share with you.

At Paragon Pools Design and Construction, we will confer with you on your project each step of the way. We will help you make those small decisions and large choices that crop up in any construction endeavor. We start out by giving you a completely transparent estimate and finish by cleaning up after ourselves. We offer a free exceptional warranty.

Trust the leaders at Paragon Pools Design and Construction for your next yard project. Contact us any time for details and to get the project started.