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Pool Construction  | Paragon Pools Design and Construction - Alexandria, LA

A beautiful pool and landscape can be inspiration to living well, and add a refreshing element of style to a home or business. Well built amenities add true enjoyment to life. Let Paragon Pools Design and Construction refresh your style of living.

Our primary goal is customer satisfaction. We have demonstrated a solid reputation for innovative construction, timely building practices, and a keen attention to detail. By using state of the art technology, low maintenance techniques, and the installation of easy to use equipment, Paragon Pools Design and Construction far exceed other builders.

Automatic floor cleaning systems are an excellent way to provide reduced chemical use, proper circulation, and low maintenance for the consumer. Lap pools, swim jet pools, or endless pools provide the highest physician recommended exercise to help enhance circulation, cardiovascular health, reduced stress, increase flexibility, and improving overall health.

The Paragon Pools label is your assurance that only the highest quality equipment and accessories are installed on your pool and landscape project by a licensed and insured company. Call today and start building your dreams with Paragon Pools Design and Construction.